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Bin There Dump That is your local Residential Friendly dumpster rental service. We have various sized dumpsters that will accommodate the waste disposal of all your home projects. Our Dumpster Consultants are available now to help you find a solution to your dumpster need. Pricing & Sizing

Bin There Dump That Makes It Simple and Easy to Rent A Dumpster in Chapin SC

When residents of Chapin need to rent a dumpster for their home they turn to Bin There Dump That for help. We’ve made residential customers the main focus of our business and our dumpsters are designed to meet the needs of the homeowner, not big business.

We always have a large inventory of well-maintained bins available so that we can arrange for your dumpster to be delivered quickly without making you wait. Here’s what you can expect from Bin There Dump That.

Dumpsters Featuring Walk-In Double Doors

Why climb when you can walk? If you’d rather avoid unnecessary injuries when you’re cleaning out your garage you’ll appreciate the Walk-In Double Doors on our popular 20-yard dumpsters.

You don’t have to climb up to reach the bin - you just walk your waste right inside. Your shoulders will thank you and you won’t have to worry about reaching for the ice in the freezer to ease your aching muscles.

Urgent Dumpster Delivery in 24 Hours Or Less

Bin There dump That truck Being Delivered

There are times when you need a dumpster quick because you’ve experienced a household emergency. The last thing you need is to have to hold off starting on necessary repairs because you don’t have a dumpster for waste removal.

At Bin There Dump That we always keep enough dumpsters in stock to provide delivery to our clients within 24 hours and in most cases, we can set up same-day delivery if the need is urgent.

Tidying Up and Sweeping Up

Even the tidiest worker will leave a bit of mess behind after a major renovation project - some of this may end up around the edges of your rental dumpster. We don’t leave the mess behind for you to clean up. Our Dumpster Delivery Experts will sweep up all of the leftover debris and make sure it finds its way into the dumpster before they remove your rented dumpster from your driveway.

Can You Put Furniture in a Dumpster?

Yes, furniture can go in your rented dumpster. In fact, because our containers have convenient, walk-in double doors, you can simply walk some of that bulky furniture right into the back of the dumpster.

Can You Put a Refrigerator in a Dumpster?

Some items simply don’t go in a dumpster rental and a refrigerator is one of them. Modern refrigerators may be more environmentally friendly than older models, but they still contain refrigerants for cooling that can be harmful so they have to be disposed of carefully.

How Much Does the Rental of a 10-Yard Dumpster Cost?

A 10-yard dumpster is an ideal size for many home improvement projects and they’re also reasonably priced. While the exact amount you’ll pay will vary based on the company you choose to rent from - normally you can expect to pay between $400 and $600 for a 1-week rental.

The cost to rent a 10-yard dumpster from Bin There Dump That is $325.00. This will include the delivery, pickup, 7 day rental, Driveway Protection System and a thorough sweep of your driveway upon the rental completion.

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Chapin Community Info - A Guide To Visiting

Finishing a major project should fill you with a sense of accomplishment, but it will also leave you with some extra time on your hands. If you want to spend that time exploring more of Chapin we have a few ideas for your list.

Crooked Creek Park

In the last decade or two, there’s been a movement away from working out indoors in favor of exercise in the fresh air. There’s no better place to raise your heart rate than a brisk walk on the trails of Crooked Creek Park. The background is picturesque and there’s plenty of options for all ages. Families with small children will love the kids’ playground area which features climbing apparatus, slides and swings to keep the little ones busy.

River Runner Outdoor Center

Another great outdoor adventure awaits at the River Runner Outdoor Center. Here you can rent a river raft or kayak and spend a day exploring the river. The staff is always courteous and you can even book your tour guide to make your river experience comes to life. Kayaking is great exercise and there are few things that compare to paddling along a lazy river on a warm summer day.

Higher Ground Char House

After all that fresh air and exercise you’re bound to work up an appetite and the Higher Ground Char House is a great spot to reward your stomach after all that exertion. They have great traditional American burgers and many others to choose from. The service is always great as well.

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