Frequently Asked Questions About Our Residential Friendly Dumpsters in Columbia SC

When we say residential friendly, it means that our services revolve around the homeowner and respecting residential property. We pride ourselves in being able to provide the service and accommodate for every homeowner when it comes to dumpster sizes, prices, and additional services offered. You get a variety of services when you rent with Bin There Dump That and we're happy to serve it with every dumpster.

Our biggest dumpster available is a 20 cubic yard dumpster. It is approximately 11 feet long, 6 feet high and 8 feet wide. It fits on most, if not all driveways. As long as a mini van can fit on your driveway, our 20 yard dumpster can as well. 

You may think 11 feet is quite short for a 20 yard dumpster but we make it up with the height of our dumpster. And if you're worried about lifting heavy objects over a 6 foot wall, we thought about that too. We have two full length doors which allow you to walk in heavy objects into the dumpster rental.

No. We require full payment of the dumpster rental when it's booked. After that, you won't get charged unless you go over the allowances that we set when the dumpster is booked. For example, if we set a 2 ton allowance for the dumpster size that you want, and you go over it, you'll only get charged for anything over.
If you're done with the dumpster rental before the rental period is over and you want it picked up, give us a call at 803-630-0916 and we'll schedule an earlier pick up for your dumpster rental. This also applies if you want a few extra days with your rental, we'll be able to schedule a later pick up for your dumpster rental at an extra cost.
Yes! We're a part of a franchise network but we are a local business. We operate in Lexington SC and we're excited to bring this service to our neighborhood and your neighborhood as well.
Of course! If you don't have enough junk for a 20 yard bin but you think it's a bigger bang for your buck, get your neighbors to help you fill it up and help pay for it too! This is a great way for you to save money, be cost-affective, and get rid of your junk.
Yes, of course! Give us a call and connect with our dumpster consultants before your pick up date and reschedule a new pick up date. Keep in mind that you'll need to give us ample notice and you might have to pay extra to keep the dumpster for longer than the allotted seven days.
No, our dumpster rentals are designed to be residential friendly. Our dumpsters have full length doors that swing and lock open. This makes throwing away heavy items easy by just walking them in. You won't have to throw anything over the tall walls of a dumpster.

We offer 5 different dumpster rental sizes that can help you with nearly any waste disposal project. The sizes we offer are:

  • 20 yard dumpster
  • 15 yard dumpster
  • 10 yard dumpster
  • 6 yard dumpster
  • 4 yard dumpster

Yes, sometimes the larger dumpster is just too large. A small dumpster is good for those smaller projects, one room cleanouts and also the heavy jobs too. When the junk is small but heavy, for example, roof shingles or concrete, it's best to use a smaller dumpster rental to ensure you don't make the dumpster too heavy. You might end up paying a hefty fee and we may not even be able to get the dumpster off your driveway if it's too heavy.

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